January 15, 2019

XR Workshop • January 17th

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Augmented/Virtual/Extended Reality Capabilities for Improving Spacehealth

Join TRISH and Z3VR, a digital health startup in Houston, for a fascinating one-day, live-streamed workshop on the applications of (XR) in deep space exploration.

This workshop will bring together experts from academia and industry in a discussion that will address XR-based solutions to several of the NASA Human Research Program’s high-priority risks.


Virtual and augmented reality are incredible tools that astronauts can use to improve their well-being and focus in performing highly technical tasks.”
Dr. Dorit Donoviel, Director of TRISH

NASA is preparing to send astronauts on a round-trip journey to Mars, one of the most ambitious projects humanity has ever attempted. This expedition will not only be an incredible feat of engineering, but also psychological fortitude for the astronauts chosen to fly this 18-month mission. These men and women will face isolation, latent communications with ground crews, boredom, and lack of personal space.

At the Translational Research Institute of Space Health (TRISH), our remit is to prepare countermeasure and preventions for these and many other healthcare risks of long duration space flight.