Kate Gunning, Principal/Lead Technology Consultant

Kate Gunning has a unique background in the field of biotechnology and the life sciences. With particular focus on applications in genomics she has demonstrated expertise in both process and product development.

From the early days of the Human Genome Project Kate led a process engineering team for one of the world’s top five genome sequencing facilities, the Joint Genome Institute in California. From 1996-2000, as the race to finish the genome was under way, Kate played a key role in designing a state of the art sequencing facility, increasing productivity and planning capacity to accommodate the enormous increase in sequence data.

Moving from the research area to the business sector, Kate provided leadership and technical expertise in new and existing system development projects. At Applied Biosystems, a leader in enabling technologies for the life sciences, Kate was known for leading dynamic application development teams providing new tools for the genomic and personalized medicine research markets.

With an expansive network in the US and Europe Kate’s main focus is on working with emerging biotech companies and bio-innovation facilities to further bioscience discovery and commercialization.

A graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology, she began her career in Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Pathology in Dublin and London, UK.

Andrew Broderick, Senior Consultant

Andrew’s research interests focus specifically on the adoption and appropriate use of patient-centered digital health technologies, such as mobile and remote monitoring devices, to address challenges in health care delivery and to ensure their effective integration with existing data management systems.

Andrew previously co-directed the Public Health Institute’s Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health where he led research and evaluation projects that advance the role of digital health technologies into healthcare practice and policy. He also managed research at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco where he led research tracking innovations and emerging biomedical technologies in health care on behalf of U.S. health systems, payers, and government agencies.

As a senior consultant at Strategic Business Insights, a spin-off from SRI International, Andrew monitored and assessed a broad range of scientific, technical, and market trends in the life sciences for global Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Mr. Broderick holds a Master of Arts in Economics and Geography from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, as well as an MBA from San Francisco State University.

Daniel Rafferty, Senior Consultant

Dr. Daniel Rafferty has over 15 years experience in the area of drug discovery and development, with particular focus on parenteral and intranasal liquid protein formulation. With a Ph.D in Immunochemistry, Daniel began his career in Nottingham, UK where he performed post doctoral studies in pharmaceutical sciences and vaccine development. He moved to the US in 1991 and was appointed senior scientist at Parke-Davis where he was engaged in the research and development of vaccine adjuvants and novel delivery systems, delivering CMC development/IND submissions to regulatory authorities with his extensive experience in peptide epidermal delivery systems for HIV therapy.

Following his tenure at Parke Davis, Daniel has subsequently held senior scientific positions with Sanofi-Pasteur in Pennsylvania before relocating to the West Coast in 2003 where he led a research group at MedImmune.

In addition to his R&D functions, Daniel has played a role in the business development and marketing of therapeutics and vaccines, and has authored white papers describing the formulation, manufacturing and marketing paths for life cycle management of existing therapeutic protein products.

Daniel was the recipient of an NIAID Challenge Grant for Pandemic Influenza Research and was appointed to the European Commission Research Directorate as a Grant Proposal Evaluator in 2003. He is a member of both AAPS and a regional committee member of Biolink USA-Ireland.