Marketing Services:

Establishing a presence in the US market can be challenging, so it makes sense to choose an experienced partner. We optimize your market entry strategy by:

  • Performing market analysis to identify appropriate opportunities in the US market.
  • Develop and implement proven strategies and tactics for entering into new markets.
  • Developing your unique brand
  • Introductions to industry leaders
  • Targeting key prospects quickly
  • Reducing your sales cycle
Our field marketing activities include tradeshow/ conference representation, marketing communications and event planning services.


We have a solid track record of sheparding startup biotech companies through the entire venture funding process. We can assist you in several ways including:
  • Identification and targeting of appropriate venture capital firms
  • Facilitate introductions to venture capital firms.
Refine your pitch, assess your business plans and prime you for the crucial meeting.

Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Development:

In developing new products, our team will insure that your clinical trial strategy:
  • Fulfills FDA requirements
  • Carried out with the most influential clinicians
  • Fits with your marketing needs.
Our consultants have numerous years of experience in facilitating products through the FDA approval process.

Public Relations/Communications:

BioVisability provides a number of services for increasing and maintaining good public relations and visibility. This includes identifying key media opportunities for your company and products.

We have successfully implemented a wide array of promotional programs for our clients.